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Its a great and very prompt service but…. it never helped me raise in the SERPS.

Lucas Bowen. Singapore, Singapore

It’s simple and super quick, no worries, no maintain. Just setup and forget it. And next week or next 2 weeks your ranking will be increased.

Przemysław Herman, Poland

ArdorBacklinks has been our primary source of quality backlinks for our domain and their service has been over exceptional. We’ve used them over the past couple years and we’ve experienced the positive results we expected.

Olga Wainford. Signal Hill, United States

It’s quick simple and easy to work with Ardor and what’s even better is that their backlinks get indexed in Google often and fast!

Mark Hergert. Traverse City, United States

Very fast work… very very reasonable price…

Gerry Hills. St. John, Virgin Islands, U.S.

What are backlinks?

Backlinks are the number one factor in so-called Search Engine Optimization.

SEO companies will have you believe that things like changing this word and that word on your website, editing your meta data and keyword density are the critical factors for ran king high in the search engines.

Well, they are completely WRONG!

Tweaking your website can only get you so far. What’s really important is making Google understand that you are THE authority site and need to be number one.

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How do backlinks work?

Backlinks increase your perceived popularity on the internet. Take two websites that both sell the same shoes. If you google “Buy Shoes” how does google work out which website to show at the top of the search results?

Google measures the number of backlinks pointing to each website with that keyword. It treats each link as a vote that for the website and put simply, the website with the most votes wins!

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Automatic Link Validation

Every one of our backlinks is Hand Made by one of our trained staff. The links are then automatically validated by our custom built software and monitored daily to ensure the highest quality service.

Our software checks daily that the web page and backlink are still live, that the page contains the precise keyword placed in the order and that the keyword is hyper linked correctly to the website

From time to time, links can become dead links for any number of reasons. Our system will automatically mark these links as dead links and alert one of our trained operators that the link needs to be replaced


3 Month Guarantee

Everyone of our backlinks comes with a complementary 3 Month Guarantee.

For example, if an operator creates a backlink on the 15th of January, it is automatically guaranteed to be active until the 15th of April.

For whatever reason, should this link be found dead on the 14th of April, an operator will be notified to replace the link. This new replacement link, will then take on a whole new 3 month guarantee and will be valid until the 14th of July. This will continue perpetually until a full 3 month period passes.

6 Month Guarantee

Our complimentary 3 month guarantee can be upgraded for a small fee, to a 6 month guarantee. For a small 10% extra charge on orders you can have peace of mind that all of your backlinks are active and driving you up the search engine rankings for a full 6 months.

For example, if a operator creates a backlink on the 1st of January, this link is guaranteed to be active until the 1st of July.

Every day, our software will validate the link and should it be found dead on the 30th of June, it will be replaced by an operator and this new link will receive a fresh 6 month guarantee, until the 30th of December

12 Month Guarantee

Customers demanding the highest quality service can opt to add a full 1 year guarantee. Every day for a full year our software will validate that your backlinks are increasing your pagerank and launching you above your competition.

When operators create backlinks, they will be guaranteed valid for a whole year! That means if an operator creates a backlink on the 1st of January, it will be guaranteed until the 1st of January the next year!