Backlink Strategy

Key elements

An effective Backlink Stategy needs to include the 5 key elements of Search Engine Optimization

  • Primary Keywords
  • Domain Backlinks
  • Long Tail Keywords
  • Landing Pages
  • Deeplinking
  • .edu Backlinks
  • .gov Backlinks
Primary Keywords

It’s important important to get your primary keywords right. Every niche on the internet has some quantity of web savvy entrepreneurs competing for the top of the search. Organic search is a valuable way to drive huge amounts of traffic to a website which is why it is so competitive. You don’t want to waste time and effort chasing keywords that aren’t right for you. It would be nice to rank well for every keyword that is even in the same industry but generally that will be too hard. Think hard, know your customers. What would your customers search to find you? Get this right and you’ll focus your efforts on directing only the right people to your website.

Domain Backlinks

This is quite simple and straight forward. Build backlinks that point directly to your domain name. Not internal pages, only The majority of these links should use your primary keywords as the anchor text. This is what acts as a vote for your website to be in the rankings for that keyword. The more votes, the higher you’ll rank. For more information please read our special report on Google’s Voting System

Long Tail Keywords

Long tail keywords are literally a gold mind that the vast majority of web companies are letting slip through their fingers. Long tail keywords are longer search phrases that users key into search engines. An example of rather then googling “Backlinks”, a user may google “Where to buy the best backlinks”. There is a draw back that long tail keywords have less searches. For instance in this case it is 645,000 vs a megare 2,500. The good news is where the short tail keyword is extremely competitive and it may take you years of work to reach the front page, no one is chasing the long tail keyword so with a minimum of effort you can easily reach the front page and eventually the converted number 1 spot.

83% of all search queries on Google are long tail keywords

Landing Pages

To aid in your effort of long tail keywords it is beneficial to have landing pages for as many long tail keywords as possible. You can find all of your keywords and try and cram them into one giant sales letter on your front page then build backlinks with these keywords to your front page. This strategy does work.

A different strategy that can lead to a many more sales is building a landing page for each of your long tail keywords. For example your main keyword is “Backlinks” focus your main page around backlinks. One of your long tail keywords is “Here to buy the best backlinks” build a separate page that is solely dedicated to inform visitors of this particular information. You’ll rank higher with the search engines as the page is specifically about the subject, plus your visitor will easily be able to find information about their search which will help build a trusted bond with your business.



Deeplinking is the process of building backlinks to internal pages. This is important to get your landing pages ranked for your long tailed keywords but it also has other advantages such as increasing the amount of pages indexed in the search engines and eventually increasing your domains overall PageRank. For one they need to be a government accredited organisation and the right type of government accreditation is needed. Only high profile organisation like are in-trusted with this powerful suffix. There are no more trusted sources of information then .gov backlinks. If the government has a link saying “purchase backlinks” as far as the search engines are concerned, that is where you go to purchase backlinks.

For more information please read our special report on .gov backlinks

Not one of these SEO elements will ensure your ranking in the search engines. For any niche that is worth competing in it will take a consistent even mix of all of the components. Implementing a quality backlink strategy as outlined above will ensure your ranking in organic search and drive customers to your website. This is the secret to an online presence.