How to choose the right keyword phrase

This is the first step and an integral part of your search engine optimization strategy. Choose the wrong keyword phrase and you will waste your time, money and energy. You will recieve the wrong visitors which will not become customers or perhaps next to no visitors at all.

Domain name

If you are build a new website that you should choose the keywords that you are targeting before you even choose the domain name. Take one of our clients Apache Leads, they are in a very competitive niche and are chasing the keyword MLM Leads.

For many years they were the number 1 result but 2 years ago with Google’s Panda update, domain name relativity became increasingly important. If you do an analysis all other things considered they should be in the number one position but that has gone to the website the has the exact keyword as their URL.

If you are an already established company, don’t worry domain name relevance isn’t to be all and end all but depending on the competitiveness of your niche and the pagerank of your website perhaps you should consider Long Tail Keywords which can also be a great source of traffic for a lot less work.

Google Keyword Tool

This is a vital and free tool that you should make regular use of. The tool is built primarily for Google’s adsense customer but the information is relative to organic search too. If you have a website you can input the URL and it will give you a list of keywords that it thinks are relevant, it does this by checking your Keyword Density.

Tip: try using this on your competions websites so you can quickly work out what keywords they are chasing.

You then put these keywords into the search box along with any other keyword phrases that you think are relevant. The keyword tool will then bring back some very interesting information. You will be able to see, by country and area, how many people search each keyword, each month. You may be very surprised that keywords you thought might have a Goliath quantity of searches per month, may have next to none and vis a vis the other way.

Obviously you want to chase the keywords most closely relating your niche with the highest search count per month but be warned so will your competition. These are going to be the hardest keywords so be prepared to fight for them or choose less competitive Long Tail Keywords.

Weighing your competitionDomain name

You can be assured that any keyword worth having, their is someone else chasing it. There are many tools to help you judge your competition. I personally recommend Market Samurai. This software allows you to search a given keyword phrase and it gives you a detailed analysis of the competition vs your website.

It will give a detaild brake down on all the key factors for ranking in the search engines

  • URL relativity
  • PageRank
  • Domain Age
  • Meta data
  • DMOZ listing
  • backlink count
  • backlink keywords
  • backlink sources

If you study this information you can quite simply see what your competition has and what it will take to beat them. From this you can way up if this is a keyword that you should add to your list

If you require further help or information on choosing the right keyword please contact our Customer Serviceteam and we will be happy to help.