Deep Linking

Deep Linking is a strategy to help increase the amount of pages a website has indexed by Google. It is the process of building backlinks to internal pages of a website rather then just the index page or root domain.

This increases the websites expose by ranking higher for long tail keywords. It also helps increase the primary keywords positionings, for the index page, by getting more pages indexed which in turn will increase the sitesPageRank.

The Problem – The Google spider constantly trawls the internet searching for new and interesting content to index. When it enters a website, the PageRank of the website determines how long the spider will spend analyzing content and how many internal links it will follow into the website, therefore determining how many pages of the website are able to be indexed. And if a page isn’t index, it can’t rank for any search term.

Noone but Google’s chief officers knows the exact workings of their safely guardeed algorithm but for an example lets say a website has the lowest PageRank of 1 and the Google Spider enters the website at the front page. It will spend a very short period analyzing that page and follow maybe 2 or 3 internal links deep into the website. e.g. index.html -> page1.html -> page2.html

This is extremely limiting! Even if an internal page, say fascinatingContent.html, had the most fascinating news that the whole world wants to see, the bot will not analyze it, thus not indexing it and it will never appear in the search results.

The solution – Whist the google spider is trawling the internet it finds a deeplink to the website and enters the website straight to this most fascinating content, it will start is analysis from this internal page. It will most likely index the new content as well as follow even more internal links e.g. fascinatingContent.html -> page3.html -> page4.html

This will ensure more pages are indexed which in turns means better ranking for more keywords which will drive more traffic to the website. Not only that, using deeplinking to increase the index count and traffic, will in turn make the website stand out to Google and eventually increase your PageRank. And the higher thePageRank the easier it is to rank for any keyword

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