Hand-made backlinks

Every one of our quality backlinks are pain-stakingly hand-made by one of our trained and dedicated operators. Our customer service team pride themselves on the quality of their workmanship and insure your website has the best results

Our Software

Our software assignes orders, manages link distribution, checks quality and monitors validity.

When a new order is created by one of our happy customers our software instantly notifies the teams that an order is waiting to be processed. An available operator will then pick up the order to start processing.

The system first searches the system for unique and unused sources of websites matching the orders criteria. The operator is then given this list of sources and commences creating backlinks to the orders URLs.

When the operator has created a backlink the insert it into the system. The system first checks that the URL and the keyword match the orders information. It then checks that the URL is hyper linked and finally it pings the source to notify the search engines that their is new content to index.

When the order has been for-filled, you will be notified via email. Then you will be able to log into your account and see a full list of the backlinks contained in this order.