Indexed Backlinks

A page is indexed once it appears with in the the Search Engine Result Page. A backlink does not give any advantage to your website until it is indexed as the search engines are unaware that it exists.

Backlink Count

It is hard to count backlinks. Google and yahoo both provide tools to see backlinks pointing at a website but they only give a very limited amount of results as they do not want to give away all their secrets as to how they rank websites. If all of their secrets were known it would be far easier to manipulate the results which is exactly what they are trying to prevent.

Their are a number of other tools and websites that will give you a more percise list of the backlinks for a particular website but really all you need to know is that if the webpage where that contains the backlink is indexed within the search results then the backlink is counted.

Our software searches the search engines every day to check if the pages that we create are indexed. We ping the web page until it is picked up by the search engine to ensure that all of the backlinks that we create are giving love to your website and pushing it up the rankings.

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