I hope you had a fantastic new years and are ready to kick into 2012!
I’ve been thinking, what can I do to help you get to the top of google?

Well you know the importance of backlinks but do you know that they should be built consistently to maintain your ranking?

Just imagine in January, 100 high pagerank backlinks are built to your website. Google will eventually pick up all these links and think WOW this website is popular lets move it up the rankings. Perfect result! But what happens in February when Google has already picked up all of the backlinks and there are no more to be found? Hmmm this website isn’t popular at all lets move it down down down the rankings.

Thankfully Google isn’t quite that simple or quite that savage but I think you understand the gist

This is why we offer subscription packages. You can grab a subscription and then January, February, March and all the way to December, we will be busy building backlinks for you. This way month after month Google sees all of the new backlinks and sees how popular and current your website is. Up up up up the rankings you go!

Just login and click on the subscription tab.

Do you need another reason to get a subscription? Well here is one for you

All subscriptions right now have a whooping 15% discount!

This is a limited offer. Very very limited! Only for the first 10 customers that jump in will get this great discount rate

These lucky 10 people will not just receive this discount today. They’ll receive this great deal in February, March, April and right through to December

Lets kick off the new year!

Kris Reid

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