You already know that CONTENT is KING! You already known Google loves fresh new quality content. Google loves big websites with heaps of great information for visitors.
You also know that building quality content is time consuming, expensive and BORING!

Well I am about to give you a sneak peek at our super awesome new content generation system. This system will not only save you from boredom, it will help build you giant websites with great content that search engines just LOVE!

This system creates quality articles based on YOUR keywords, it transforms them into a template to match YOUR website and then it uploads these generated HTML pages to YOUR website. It takes about 2 minutes to setup a website and then you don’t need to do a thing, EVER!

I can feel your excitement but wait, there is more!

Rank Tracking. Every day the system will check your websites rankings in all 3 of the major search engines. It plots your position for each keyword on a nice graph so that you’ll be able to see the direct link between content and rankings!

Let me at it!

Wait, there is more. Want to make an added Adsense income?! We have ad support so that you can have all of your articles making extra money for you from YOUR adsense account.

Where’s the website!


Want to see some examples?

These websites are completelly generated with this amazing system. No human has had anything to do with them. And they are making money every day from visits clicking on all of those pretty ads!

I know, AMAZING!. Enjoy.

Kris Reid

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