Ardor Backlinks Comes out with List of Best Dofollow Backlink Sites for 2012

Understanding the difference between Dofollow and Nofollow backlinks is essential to creating a successful backlink campaign. Many individuals do not understand the difference between these two types of links and therefore can spend a lot of their own personal time creating a backlink campaign which has little to no effect on their search engine optimization or they pay inexperienced backlinking companies unnecessary amount s of money to complete a backlink campaign for them which will generate lesser results than anticipated. Ardor Backlinks, a leading company in providing SEO solutions and specializing in backlink services, not only offers the highest quality backlinks available but also has just come out with new industry research to list some of the most effective Dofollow sites for 2012.

Nofollow is a value that can be assigned to an attribute of a HTML link for normal links and backlinks. It is signified by the term “rel= followed by a nofollow listing in the code for the link. Nofollow means that search engines pick up this element as a way to not influence the link target’s ranking in search engine indexes. The intention of this is to reduce the effectiveness of certain types of search engine spam, improving the quality of search engine results and preventing spamdexing from occurring. This means that while Nofollow links do register with search engines, they have little to no impact on search engine optimization.

Dofollow links are the exact opposite of Nofollow links. There is no actual Dofollow tag similar to the nofollow rel tag. If there is no rel=nofollow tag, then the link becomes Dofollow. Dofollow links are recognized by search engines and therefore increase the PageRank of the target site and in turn, improve search engine optimization. It should be noted however that it is important to have a mix of Dofollow and Nofollow links as search engines, especially Google, see this balance as organic backlink growth versus manipulation of the system.

Ardor Backlinks believes some of the best Dofollow sites to create backlinks through for 2012 are: Digg, Linkedin, Technocrati, HubPages, Squidoo, Flickr, Kirtsy,Slashdot,Reddit, and Mixx.

Ardor Backlinks has been working with many clients to build both Nofollow and Dofollow backlinks to create a balance directed to achieve organic backlink growth. Ardor Backlinks also provides excellent customer service and support to help customers better understand the importance of backlinks for search engine optimization. For more information on backlinking services and Nofollow/Dofollow links please contact Ardor Backlinks through email or by phone: or +353 863 989 757.


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