Ardor Backlinks Explains the Effects of Google Panda Updates and Offers a Solution for 2012

On February 23, 2011, Google’s first Panda Update was launched resulting in up to 12% of search results being effected as reported by Google. The update emphasized cracking down on thin content, content farms, sites with high ad-to-content ratios and overall quality of websites. These updates began in the U.S. and made their way to Europe by April 2011. Since the original Panda Update, many smaller updates have been launched with the last coming into effect on November 18, 2011 and being dubbed Panda 3.1. Looking forward to 2012, Ardor Backlinks, a leading company in providing SEO solutions and specializing in backlink services, can provide an accurate description of the overall effects of these updates and offers an answer to alleviate the downside for the upcoming year.

By August 12, 2011, Google had put out one significant Panda Update and four more smaller Panda updates and had rolled out all of these updates to both English-language and non-English language queries except for Chinese, Japanese, and Korean. Google then reported that this impacted 6-9% of queries in affected countries. The focus of the four following Panda Updates were again on quality of content of websites and not rewarding duplication of content with a higher Pagerank. Then came Google’s Freshness Update. On November 3, 2011, Google announced an algorithm change rewarding freshness which would later impact up to 35% of queries, affecting time-sensitive results but also signaled a much stronger impact on recent content. By the time all of these updates were complete, many were asking what they really meant and how significant all of these updates really were.

The Search Engine Roundtable held a poll which showed that 66% of site owners found the Google Panda Updates to be very significant and under 15% replied that the updates were insignificant. Forums relating to blogging, SEO, and Google’s algorithm have been overwhelmed with responses of site owners and bloggers being dismayed over how low their sites have reduced in Pageranking and also how the traffic to their sites have significantly dropped off, some to only a small percentage of what it was prior to the Google Panda updates.

Ardor Backlinks has been working with many clients to improve their site traffic to what it was prior to the Google Panda updates and also help site owners understand how and why they experienced such large drops in traffic. Ardor Backlinks provides its customers with the types of backlinks which can combat the site traffic decline due to Google Panda and also all other types of important backlinks which will continue to increase site traffic. For more information on backlinking services and Google Panda 2.5 and 3.1 please contact Ardor Backlinks through email or by phone: email: or +353 863 989 757.


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