A chance to get into the news

Here is your chance to get into the news! Not just any news but Google News

Do you know how many people read Google News? Imagine the visitors!
Do you know how many websites aggregate Google News stories? Imagine the backlinks

How is this possible?!

The San Fransisco Chronicle, one of the bay area’s finest real world newspapers, is doing a feature story on our company and every feature story published by this leading newspaper is aggregated in Google News and a thousand other online news sources.

The Chronicle asked us how backlinks increase website rankings in the search engines. We told them how our system works. We explained to them that a customer can simply enter their URL and keywords and we do the rest. We build quality hand-made backlinks to the customer’s website using their keyword as the anchor text. The order will be processed within a few days and very soon afterwards the customer can expect to see their website climbing up through the Search Engine results. They were amazed to hear how simple our system is to use and how extremely affordable our products are.

They want results!

We showed them that we are Number 1 in Google for our main keyword “Backlink Services”. We showed them that Google has deemed us the authority site on backlinks by giving us Site Links. We told them all of this was achieved by using our own backlinks. They thought that was great but they want to see more proof. They want to hear from our customers. They want to hear from YOU.

So here is your chance to have your website posted all over the internet by being included in a feature article with us.

What you need to do:

  • Tell us how our service has helped your business.
  • Tell us how you’ve moved up the search engine rankings.
  • Tell us that your website is attracting more customers.

*Please include your contact details so that the newspaper may email or phone you

We will send every response to the San Francisco Chronicle and let them decide who to include in their feature story. Your website will get amazing traffic from amazing backlinks! You’ll be front page of Google News, Yahoo news and every other internet news aggregator. You’ll have permenat backlinks from the Chronicle and many other high quality newspapers!

Send your story now. Don’t miss out on your chance to be the top news!

Kris Reid
Customer Service Manager

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