Happy Sunday,

It certainly has been a fantastic start to 2012. We have seen growth after growth and it is all thanks to you and our other loyal customers.

During the last several months we have hired numerous new staff to help speed up the creation of backlinks and reduce waiting time for customers. This has been working quite well but we want to improve it further.

One problem that we have is some days we will get a huge influx of orders (nice problem to have). This can create a huge backlog as we can’t process all of the orders simultaneously. Then even people ordering several days later may have to wait several additional days to have their orders processed whilst we work through the backlog.

One thing that helps us reduce this is subscriptions. With a subscription order from a customer we know what orders are coming in at what time. This way we can have operators ready to process then and prevent a backlog ever building up. Allowing us to process your orders faster and allowing you to climb up those search engine results faster.

Subscription orders also come with a special advantages

  • Each month you get fresh new backlinks
  • Each month these backlinks are from new sources. No domain is ever repeated
  • you can put your off page SEO on auto-pilot
  • We give you a 10% discount!

Want another advantage to creating a subscription order? For the next 2 days, that’s until the close of business Monday the 26th of Feburary, every new subscription order will receive

10 FREE High Page Rank Backlinks

It doesn’t matter if you order

  • 5 .edu backlinks
  • 25 .com backlinks
  • 100 High PageRank backlinks

What ever your order, as a thank you for helping us we will give you 10 FREE High Page Rank Backlinks

Help us, help you 🙂

Thank you for your continued support

Kris Reid
Customer Service Manager

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