Are high PageRank backlinks driving your competition?

You’ve got a restaurant and it’s the best damn Italian restaurant in down town Manhattan. You’ve spent thousands of dollars building a beautiful, modern website but for some reason the take away pizza stand on the corner trumps you in the search engine rankings. What’s the secret to their success? High PageRank Backlinks

What is a Backlink? A backlink is simply an HTML hyper link from one website to another (The links you click to go to the next website). Google uses these links as a kind of voting system. The more votes (links) a website has, the higher is its deemed popularity.

What is PageRank? PageRank is the algorithm behind Google’s success. It is a way of measuring the importance and popularity of different websites on the internet. PageRank is very important when it comes to backlinks, as this is not a one man one vote system. The higher the popularity (PageRank) of a website the more voting power the backlink gives. How to get backlinks to a website? There are many methods

  • Link Exchange: contact a website and offering a link from your website to theirs in exchange for a reciprocal link. However a two way link lowers the voting power of the link as the search engines can see that the two websites vote for each other.
  • Forum Posting: Search for forum posts, preferably with questions about your niche, and simply respond. This is a very effective way of both getting a link and also alerting customers of the website but is very time consuming.
  • Article Marketing: There are many article directories where users can submit news worthy articles about products and services. This is also a effective method but again very time consuming and writing articles can be exhausting.
  • Backlink Service: These are services where you can simply purchase high PageRank backlinks. Services are easy to use and when comparing time saved vs. cost they are the least expensive option. Auto Backlink Service are so confident in the quality of their backlinks, they offer a 100% free sample to all.

The building of backlinks is a very important part of Search Engine Optimization. For best results it is important not to just focus on one method but incorporate an assortment of methods into a strategic plan. It is also important to remember that links should be created regularly to ensure popularity and stay on top of the competition.

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