The importance of backlinks for Search Engine Optimization

There are millions of search engine searches per day, requiring online companies to think about how they can land on top and generate increased traffic to their websites. As the summer 2012 retail season approaches, Backlink Service aims to provide their clients with some accurate numbers regarding search engine results and offers an effective way to increase their clients’ online presence to generate a higher level of traffic which can convert to greater sales. Backlink Service both provides an excellent service and expert analysis to their clients due to their success in the industry.

Forrester Research reports that the major internet search engines average around 300 million individual searches on a daily basis. In the same report, Forrester Research said that 81% of consumers on the Internet find products and services using Search Engines. Search engine optimization (SEO) can help websites succeed in a higher search engine placement and increase the number and sources of qualified traffic who are actively searching for a website’s products, services, or information. also released a recent study that shows that only 7% of all websites are visible on search engines which is a significantly low percentage.

What many people don’t realize is that the most impactful component of search engine optimization is backlinks. A backlink is quite simply a HTML hyper link pointing an individual from one website to another. The number of backlinks a website has is an indication of the popularity or the importance of that website or page. In turn, major search engines’ algorithms heavily weighs this popularity to determine a website’s PageRank when certain key words are searched. The higher a website’s PageRank, the greater visibility and presence it has for targeted searches.

Kris Reid, owner of Backlink Service says, ”many websites are created offering great products and services or a wealth of great information, but owners of websites often wonder why the content of their websites alone is not generating any traffic. Owners which have tapped into search engine optimization through backlink creation seem to always be surprised by how far a small investment will go with generating traffic to their website. Targeting the right traffic also leads to an increase in conversion rate through capturing the traffic of those who have purchase intent.”

Backlink Service provides its customers with all types of backlinks which follow the current trends and lead to greater traffic, a higher conversation rate and a better reputation for its customers. For more information on backlinking services and current trends please contact Backlink Service through email or by phone

Backlink Service is one of the highest ranked backlink companies by Google and offers premium, effective backlinks through a variety of bundled packages. Backlink Service focuses on providing the most important backlinks including .EDU backlinks, .GOV backlinks, and High PageRank links to its customer. While primarily a backlinking company, Backlink Services offers many other value-added services, tools and resources for its clients. These include search engine ping notification, continued pinging, index notification, customer service consulting, a backlink checker to use for your company and to check up on the competition, a web position tool, and a PageRank checker to efficiently find the Pagerank of domains of individual pages.

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