Our service has grown rapidly over the past year. We put this down to our constant strive to provide the best service we can. Our number 1 goal is to give our customers the most SEO bang for their buck.

We are now maintaining a list of over 10,000 Backlink source. This became problematic and some orders were receiving duplicates. We have now put new measures in place to ensure that this cannot happen. We have gone through many of past orders and removed any duplicate sources. If you log into your account you may see that an old order is now marked as “Work in Progress”

If you do notice any duplicates in your orders, please let us know and we will replace the immediately.

Our new system for managing our 10,000 Backlink Sources will also enable us to fulfil your orders even faster

I would love to hear your feedback on the new system


Kris Reid
Customer Service Manager

Our backlink sources are HUGE! They comprised of over 342 .edu domains, 69 .gov domains 38 PageRank 9!

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