I just want to alert you to a system upgrade. On the surface you won’t see any difference but underneath the hood there are some massive changes.

We have changed the way that we group orders, primarily the way that we organsie broken links.
Now our team of operators will be able to replace broken links much much faster.

From time to time PageRanks change. So we may create a Backlink to a website with a PageRank 7 but after a few days or weeks the websites pageRank changed to PageRank 8. This may mean that the order is flagged as broken and the link will be re-placed.

If you have old orders in the system you may notice over the next few days you start receiving messages that these orders are complete. This is because we have added backlinks to orders where the PageRank has changed. That means a few extra backlinks, on the house!

We are proud to be able to deliver you a faster more reliable system.

Should you have any question, comments or suggestions I would personally love to hear from


Kris Reid

Customer Service Manager

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