Backlink Service Offers Value-Added Services and a New Promotion for 2012

Dublin, Ireland January 14, 2012. Backlink Services, one of the highest ranked backlink companies by Google, is refreshing the services they offer and as a show of confidence in their offerings, is having a new promotion for January 2012. While primarily a backlinking company, Backlink Services offers many other value-added services, tools and resources for its clients. These include search engine ping notification, continued pinging, index notification, customer service consulting, a backlink checker to use for your company and to check up on the competition, a web position tool, and a PageRank checker to efficiently find the Pagerank of domains of individual pages.

Backlink Services believes they are so appealing to customers because each stage of their service is completely transparent to their clients, allowing them to oversee everything that is being done on their account or simply just enjoy the end result. Another advantage for Backlink Services’ customers, is once an order is placed, the work begins instantaneously. A customer registers themselves or their company on the website and then can see a list of products. From there, they can select their desired product, place an order by inputting one to three URLs and one to three keywords. The customer is then notified when payment has been received and the order begins immediately. From that point forward, the customer can see the order in their account and watch as each backlink is created. Once the order is complete, the customer is notified. The entire order process from order initiation to order completion is seamless, with Backlink Services looking after each stage, allowing customers to have a completely worry-free experience, freeing up their time to focus on other things.

Another free service which Backlink Services’ current customers value is their pinging service. Each backlink created is pinged through each day to alert the search engines of the backlink. Backlink Services follows this through by searching Google and notifying customers when the backlink gets indexed. All orders through Backlink Services have a free three-month guarantee. This guarantee includes daily checks to ensure each backlink placed is live and valid and if for some reason the backlink becomes invalid, the order is marked broken and replaced. The customer will be notified as soon as the backlink is fixed or replaced.

To emphasize Backlink Services’ confidence in their company, in 2012 they are giving away five free backlinks to every customer as a sample of their high-quality and uncompromising work and ability to get their customers’ websites more traffic and a higher Pagerank through search engines such as Google.

Government and educational institutions are some of the most trusted entities and resources. Backlink Services therefore emphasizes the importance of association with these entities and offers separate backlink packages geared at associating and creating backlinks with these institutions. This builds clients’ websites and company reputation while increasing trustworthiness and brand associations.

Backlink Services distinguishes itself from competitors and offers transparency of its services through all of the abovementioned activities. All backlinks are hand-made and Backlink Services’ number one priority is getting its customers ranked as high as possible on Google and other search engines. Its customer service is unparallel to any other backlink company and provides the most instant response and consulting to help customers achieve their goals compared to competing companies.

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