What are backlinks?

Backlink – is simply a HTML hyperlink (the links you click on a website) from one website to another. e.g. < a href=”http://www.ardorbacklinks.com”>Backlinks< / a>, Backlinks

URL – is simply the website or web page that you want to increase ranking for. *Note: It is important to create Deeplinks to internal pages of your website and not just create links to your domain.

Keyword – it is very important to choose the right keyword phrase. This should be the exact word or phrase that you want your customers to use to search and find your website. For example “Dog Training” as this is a phrase customers will use to search. Do NOT use phrases such as “The best Dog Training manual on the internet” as it is quite unlikely that someone will actually search this phrase.

Choosing the right keyword is crucial. For more information please read our user guide on How to choose the right keyword phrase

Why are backlinks important?

Having hyperlinks on other websites is clearly beneficial as it will help potential customers find your website, but that is not the purpose of our backlinks. Our backlinks are built for the sole purpose of increasing your ranking in Google and the other Search Engines

Why backlinks work?

Google and the other Search Engines count a backlink as a vote for a website’s overall popularity and its relevance to a particular keyword. Google equates a multitude of different parameters to determine where a website should rank in the search results but the number one factor is their voting system. If all parameters are equal between two websites, the website with the most votes will be at the top of the Search Engine results.

Google’s voting system is what made Google the number one search engine. For more information regarding how this works, please read our user guide on Google’s voting system

How our service works?
    • Create an account and claim your free backlinks.
    • Select a product from our huge range of backlinks packages.
    • Input your keyword and URL and we’ll do the rest
  • (if you’re having trouble, please contact our customer service team)

One of our trained customer service specialist will start processing your orders. You’ll be able to see each new backlink as it is created and added to your account. When your order is complete, we’ll notify you via e-mail and the full list of links will be visible in your account.

Our service does NOT stop there!
  • Hand-made – Every link is painstakingly hand-made by our customer service team
  • Guaranteed – NO dead links. All links have a guaranteed life span.
  • Tested – Every link is automatically tested and validated by our software every day.
  • Pinged – We ping each link to alert the Search Engines of new content.
  • Indexed – We monitor the links and will notify you when a link becomes indexed in the search engines.

We are so confident in the quality of our backlinks that we offer Free Backlinks to get you started on your rise to the top of the search engines.

Create an account now to claim your free backlinks today.

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