Google Spider

This is the power behind Google! The google spider (sometimes known as the google bot) is a powerful robot the trawls the internet and index new and interesting content. The spider finds websites, it reads the content, follows the links and indexes the content.

It is a very smart spider that measures each page it find by an ever increasing list of parameters. This measurement is called a Quality Score. Match a high quality score with a powerful backlink strategy and their is no stopping you. Below are a list of the most important parameters that you need to take into consideration.

HTML validation

This is not the simplist step but their are tools you can use or if you are unsure hire a web designer to validate your webssite. The Google Spider when reading your website will parse the HTML. It tries to mimic what a human would see in a browser. If it finds any adnomalities that it thinks are errors it will lower your quality score and ranking.

WARNGING Do NOT use any ticks in your HTML, like trying to increase Keyword Density by having repeated text as the same colour as the background, the Google Spider is smart. Some of the best minds work for Google and they will find your tricks and pinalise you.


The Goolge spider can NOT read flash. It is a text based engine so if you have flash on your website please keep it to a minimum. When was the last time you saw a flash website in the search results?

CMS and Blogs VS HTML

Content Management Systems and blogging software such as wordpress are fantastic for quickly building and easily maintaining websites. The one set back is that the HTML that they produce is of a poor quality which really makes them harder to rank well in the search results. It is harder and more time consuming to build HTML websites but in the end the reuslts should be well worth it.

Unique Content

The spider builds your websites quality score and then it compares this to other related websites. It compares the written contient and gives unique content a much higher ranking. After all why would you want to see 10 exatly the same articles filling up the search results.

Spell Check

It is important to check the spelling and gramma of your website. The Google Spider analises the content of a website and checks for spelling and grammatical errors. It uses this in its quality score measurement of the content.
The more errors a website has the lower the lower it assumes is the quality. I, myself know that my spelling and gramma is attrocious so I always make sure that another person proof reads my articles before I make a post.

This is a simple way to increse the quality score of your website which will increase your rank but will also increase your customers trust. After all would you buy from a website were every second word is spelt wrong.

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