Ardor Backlinks Now Provides Only the Best Types of Backlinks

Dublin, Ireland. November 29, 2011. When you want a website to be found quickly, using links to other pages in a large volume assists greatly with achieving this goal. Hiring a professional backlinks service, accomplishes this goal while getting a higher page rank position with search engines. Backlinks can be said to be the currency of the internet. Ardor Backlinks, located out of Dublin, Ireland has become a market leader at providing the most effective backlinks to its customers by linking through relevant sites and pages which have been established for some time.

Kris Reid, owner of Ardor Backlinks acknowledges, ”There is a misconception that simply by using one type of backlink for promotional activity, a website will experience short-term and long-term traffic increases.” In reality, a website needs multiple types of backlinks to achieve sustainable page rankings and traffic. That being said, there are four types of backlinks which provide diversified promotional activity to build traffic for the long-term:

  1. Social Bookmarking Sites: Google recognizes links from these sites as an indication of individuals liking your site. Social bookmarking sites are especially useful if others interact with the link by commenting, bookmarking it or recommending it to others.
  2. RSS Feeds: submitting your website’s RSS feed to other RSS directories can automate your backlinks to keep them constant and current. Every time you make a new post they instantly get updated on the directories increasing the number of backlinks through a relevant platform.
  3. Blog Commenting: leaving relevant comments on blogs linking to your website is a great way to build applicable traffic. If the blog is using do follow links, you will receive extra credibility through page ranking.
  4. Linking to Sites Requiring Human Approval: any relevant website which a link can be submitted to that requires someone to actually approve it, is interpreted as the highest quality links by search engines. The more links like this, the higher the quality of linking to your site.

Ardor Backlinks provides its customers with all of these types of important backlinks and many other value-added services. For more information on backlinking services and associated benefits please contact Ardor Backlinks through email or by phone: email: or +353 863 989 757. Website: ###

Ardor Backlinks offers a highly successful, premium backlink service through its cleanly rebranded website which is based around a new user-friendly platform. Ardor Backlinks has thousands of partner websites that are some of the highest PageRank available and offers a customizable service to meet robust backlinking needs or small requests. It is a personalized service which always results in higher page-ranking through Google and other search engines across every industry. Through the customized service, Ardor Backlinks can handle one-time requests or ongoing backlink promotions.

Ardor Backlinks number one priority is getting its consumers ranked as high as possible on Google and other search engines. Included in all service packages is a value-added and complimentary 3-month guarantee and the option to add-on a 6-month or 12-month guarantee at a small cost, all to ensure backlinks are valid throughout each time period.

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