Backlink Building through Blog Commenting

Most people think of blog commenting as a personal way of telling the world your thoughts and feelings. Often, when dealing with successful SEO strategies, you will find a number of people who state that blog commenting was useful in their case. Is blog commenting really as useful as it is hyped to be or is it just another means to kill yourself and your website? There are certainly some benefits to be had from blog commenting. Some of the notable ones include building mutual relationships with other bloggers, raising awareness for your blog or website as well as raising its popularity and gaining traffic. Moreover, if blog commenting is done properly, it can be a great way to build backlinks.

When thinking of backlinks as part of your SEO strategy, you should think of ways through which your page rank can increase in the eyes of search engines as well as a way to gain good traffic coming to your website. There are several ways to ensure that the backlinks you get are useful to your website or blog.

First, start by finding appropriate blogs. Search for blogs that are more in your niche such that the blog you want to link to would approve of the link because it feels you have some worthwhile information to offer. Aside from blogs that are within your niche of interest, search and try to link to blogs or websites that have a high Page ranking. Alternatively, you should try to link to blogs that have a high Alexa rank.

When building links through blog commenting, it is useful to search for blogs that have authors which reply to one’s comments. In this way, you are sure that the blog is engaging and as such, more people are more likely to see and visit your own website through the backlinks provided.

Often, when building backlinks, you will find that Google and other major search engines would not pass on the rank of a high ranking blog page that has the “nofollow” attribute on its hyperlinks. As such, these sorts of links are only useful for getting traffic. If you are looking for links that pass on page rank as well as traffic, then you should search for blogs which implement the “Dofollow” attribute.

The key to successful link building is to ensure that your comments are engaging and useful. Posting your comments in short sentences that do not say much about the blog’s subject topic such as “I love your writing” or “Great blog” really do not encourage engagement and will hardly be useful to your link building strategy.

Remember that commenting in inappropriate fashion could lead to your comment being flagged as spam and this won’t be of any help to you. Moreover, the site administrator may fail to approve your comment if they feel it does not adequately reflect on the subject topic. Lastly, remember that blog commenting is a process which takes time to bear fruit. You must be patient if you are to see any results through this strategy.

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