Ardor Backlinks Explains the Effects of Google Panda Updates and Offers a Solution for 2012

Deep linking – a hyperlink to an internal page on a website rather than the index page – is a way to help businesses make sure new customers can find them using Google. With most consumers now researching their purchases using a simple web search, keeping your page at the top of the list is a sure fire way to increase sales.

It does this by helping your page get a higher rating on PageRank, the algorithm behind the Google search facility. Sites get a number between 1 and 10 defining how important it is in relation to the rest of the internet. A new website will have a PageRank 1, a small business may have a PageRank 2 or 3 and large news site like the BBC will be around a PageRank 8. The coveted PageRank 10 is reserved for the largest and most popular websites, such as Facebook and Youtube.

This number then defines where a website will appear in search results. If two websites had the same information and characteristics but one is PageRank 6 and the other a PageRank 4, the PageRank 6 pages will rank higher by a factor of 2.

The PageRank of your website also defines how often the Google spider will visit your site looking for new content, how long the spider will spend on your website, and how deep it will go from the page it entered.

If your website is a PageRank 1, and the spider enters your website via a link to your index page , the spider will only spend a very short amount of time analyzing the main page and may follow one or two links other.

But if you have a PageRank 4, the spider will follow more links, meaning hundreds of extra pages are analyzed and indexed. The more pages you have indexed the more search terms you will match and the more new visitors you’ll attract.

A deep link gives the Google spider another way to access your website. So, if your site has a PageRank 1 and Google’s spider only analyzes pages one internal link deep, if it enters from the index page you’ll have a very limited number of pages indexed.

However when the spider crawls your deep link and ends up on a page deep inside your website it will follow links from there and index the pages around it. This will then give you more pages indexed in the search engines, which will help increase your overall PageRank by making your website stand out as more important.

But managing a proper Deep Linking strategy can be difficult. Which pages are new? Which pages already have backlinks? Which pages need more backlinks? Where do you get backlinks from? Using a backlink service to manage your Deep link strategy removes all these problems and will allow you to focus on the more complex SEO techniques.

Backlink Services has a easy to use interface which makes managing your website’s deep link building strategy a breeze. Create an account for a free trial and increase your PageRank today.

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