I hope this doesn’t alarm you but Google may be manipulating your = search results!

=20 This can lead to a false sense of security where you believe you are = close to or even at the top but in reality you are fare, fare from it.

Google tries to give you the results that it thinks you want to see and = it does do a great job at this but these may not be the same results = your customers want to see.

Do you have a Google Plus account?
One idea behind Google plus is that your friends can recommend websites = that appear in search results. Say your friend searches “Dog Training” = and goes right down to the 151st result then hits the +1 button. Then = sometime down the track you yourself google “Dog Training”, this 151st = result will be propelled way up near the top of the listing as it has = been socially approved by one of your friends. This also works with = things you have +1 yourself such as your own website. Your website will = appear far higher in the results then the result of the world will see.

Do you have a gmail account? Or are you even if you are logged = into any Google services?
If you go to google.com and in the top right hand corner you can see = your email address, then you are logged into a Google’s Service and = Google will be tracking all of your movements. They’ll track when you = visit any website, including your own website and learn that these are = your favorite places to visit. So then when you search your keyword, ta = da, your website will appear much higher.

There are a few other ways that Google will manipulate search results = such as geo-targeting and different language searches.

Its very important that you know where you stand. What position are you = really in the US? What about the UK? Australia?

There are many great expensive tools out there to help you but there are = also plenty of free ways to achieve the same results.

1 – A simple way is to use a different web browser that you’re = not logged into Google with but you still will have geo-targeted results =

2 – You can use a proxy surfing tool like hidemyass.com. This = hides your IP address and makes it appear that you are searching from = their website

3 – The best way is to use free software like = http://www.tools4google.com/search-google-position/keyword_tracking.php

I highly recommend option 3 as it allows you to add language options and = geo-targeting. This enables you too see the search results just like all = your customers around the world.

Happy Search Engine Optimizating=20

Kris Reid

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