Every day I get questions from customers about various subjects. How = backlinks work, competition research, SEO strategy, keyword research, = web hosting advice and the list goes on and on

I thought its about time I compile this list into a frequently asked = questions to help others. This is not going to be limited to just = how backlinks work. I want to have a everything a newbie needs to know = to get their website to the top of the search engines and I am = asking for your help.

Please take 2 minutes to think of any questions you have or = advice that you have or even some little SEO secrets that you don’t mind = giving away.

Like always when I ask for your help I am willing to pay for it.=20

When you send me your questions or advice please include your website = and keyword. I will then include a link next to the post and give full = credit to you. That’s permanent free advertisement of your business to = other business owners!

I look forward to hearing from you

Have a great weekend


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