How much time do you spend Googling your own keywords to see where you rank inĀ Google? Flipping through page after page to see if you’ve moved up or down.

What a waste of time!

Now you can save time with Ardor Content‘s absolutely 100% FREE Search Engine Rank Tracking tool!

It’s super simple to use, takes minutes to setup and the best thing it is completely automated.

Search Engine Rank Tracking

In 3 simple step you’ll have all your Search Engine Rank tracking automated for you

  • Create your free account at Ardor Content
  • Simply put in your domain name
  • Input your keywords

Ardor Content‘s fantastic system will regularly search Yahoo, Bing and Google for all of your keywords. It will plot your position so that you can view all of your movements. You’ll quickly and easily be able to see if your SEO work is paying off

Kris Reid
Customer Service Manager

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Fasten your seat belt and get ready to see your site fly up the search results.

We will even throw in 5 free backlinks. That is just our way of saying welcome! And if this is not enough to convince you we will even offer a 100% satisfaction guarantee!

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