A few customers have mentioned that they could not see the difference between the standard Products and the Subscription products. I must admit that the difference was quite subtle. If you looked closely you would have noticed the price difference. That was all.

We have now updated the website so you should easily be able to see the difference


These products are a one off fee for a lifetime of backlinks. All of our products come with our complementary additional service:

  • Guarantee – We guarantee all of our backlinks for a minimum of 3 months. We never remove backlinks.
  • Link Validation – Every day our software will validate that your backlinks are still live.
  • Link Replacement – We will replace any deadlinks and give the new link a fresh guarantee.
  • Index – Every day we will check to see if your links are indexed in the search engines.
  • Ping – We will ping the search engines daily to alert them to the new links
  • Quality – All of our links are hand made by trained operators


These products are a monthly subscription. You will receive additional backlinks each month. All subscription orders have all of the same benefits of the standard products plus extra:

  • Discount – All subscription orders include a 10% discount
  • Fresh – You’ll receive fresh new backlinks each and every month
  • Unique – Subscription orders are linked so no backlink source will ever be repeated
  • No Contract – Cancel anytime

I hope that clears things up. If you do have any questions, comments or ideas please do remember our support forum


Kris Reid
Customer Service Manager

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