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After lunch time tomorrow it will be too late as I float off to a Greek island, Mykonos!!

Kris Reid
Customer Service (in desperate need of a holiday) Manager

From: Ardor Backlinks [mailto:service@ardorbacklinks.com] Sent: 27 June 2012 09:56
To: firstName lastName
Subject: Summer Holiday Backlink Sale

>> Hey
>> On Saturday I am off on my summer holiday. 10 days of fun in the sun! Floating around
>> the Greek islands with a cocktail in hand. Ohh yeah!
>> Whilst our customer service team might come to a stand still, our backlinking team will be
>>hard at work. They have asked me to ensure that they have plenty of work to keep them
>> So I’m going to offer bonus links for every single order!
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>> This offer is only available until I jump on my plane. High Noon Saturday the 30th June 2012
>> Kris Reid
>> Customer Service Manager
>>Don’t want to hear from us for a while? Please change your notification settings

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