Backlink Service Reports the Top Four Trends in Backlinks for 2012

Dublin, Ireland, February 15, 2012. As Backlink Service is one of the top backlinking companies worldwide, it has a thorough perspective of the market place and is able to predict the top trends for backlinks for 2012 which contribute to successful search engine optimization. As Google has worked to refine its search engine algorithm, bloggers and site owners have often been left confused as to what direction to take with search engine optimization and also with which backlinks are the most effective and will contribute to increases in traffic. Backlink Service both provides an excellent service and expert analysis to their customers due to their success in the industry.

The first backlink trend to achieving positive SEO is having varied backlinks. Having backlinks from a variety of sources increases the potential for success exponentially. Kris Reid, owner of Backlink Service says ”you can look at varied backlinks like a diversified investment portfolio. The better diversified you are, the more likely you will reap stable benefits from multiple sources’ This means one can’t just rely on article directories for backlinks, but must concentrate efforts on social bookmarking, blog, commenting, forum profile links, and guest posting as well.

Consistency in link building is also very important to Google’s search engine algorithm. Some backlink campaigns focus on building the same amount of links each day, while others concentrate their efforts on one day a week, month or quarter and place a large amount of backlinks on these certain days. Google’s search engine algorithm could pick up both of these methods as manipulation. Therefore it is important to build backlinks consistently each day, however switch up the amounts which are placed on a daily basis to ensure the backlinks are read as organic by Google’s algorithm.

The third trend in backlinks is having multi-tier backlinks. It has been shown that search engines place greater importance on multi-tier backlinks compared to regular backlinks. Multi-tier backlinks means the site which has a hyperlink to your page has one or more backlinks to it and often points the user to the part of the page which is relevant to your site. These backlinks to your site which have multiple backlinks from various sources will have a greater impact on PageRank and the deeper the interlinks, the greater the reach.

The final top trend in backlinks is linking through social media. Social media are the fastest growing platforms to connect, influence purchase decisions, and impact traffic to websites, blogs, and online stores. Search engines such as Google now not only take into account the normal ranking factors but also determine how popular a site or page is based on the social media communities. Websites or pages which have more social media interactions automatically achieve a higher PageRank. In addition to building backlinks through social media sites such as Facebook and Twitter, influence is collected through likes, tweets, follows and comments.

Backlink Service provides its customers with all types of backlinks which follow the current trends and lead to greater traffic, a higher conversation rate and a better reputation for its customers. For more information on backlinking services and current trends please contact Backlink Service through email or by phone: email: or +353 863 989 757.



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